“AMK Law has a focus on strategic and technically brilliant legal representation whilst also being considered by most clients as very cost-effective.”
– Principal Solicitor, Matthew Karakoulakis

Most often AMK Law gives clients the strongest legal advantage by legal representation during the course of a dispute or in the Court room when needed most. The litigation practice works for you keeping those costs down and at the same time providing clients with the highest level of service and legal brilliance known for delivering the best outcomes for clients whether or not it is ultimately litigated.

AMK Law has the resources and experience to provide high quality and effective legal services without the cost of a “big firm”. AMK Law Leaderships dedicated to delivering cost effective and easy to understand legal advice.

The deep focus is on delivering outcome for you early on so this means you can then have the chance to settle your matter, often without event going to Court.

The AMK Law approach to litigation comes with that goal of achieving the best commercial outcome for clients, as quickly as possible, by keeping to the very best levels of service and delivering technically brilliant strategic and legal advice. Often early dispute resolution mechanisms can be delivered to most clients by way of mediation, arbitration and settlement conferences as part of the strategic advice.

Clients come first because the latest technologies are used which means AMK Law can now give you that cutting edge advantage which could mean the difference bringing the win to you as a result of your legal dispute.

AMK Law gives clients the very best legal representation – fighting for you because the goal is for you to win. AMK Law is highly respected with knowledge and experience including in the following areas:

  • Commercial and contract litigation
  • Family and property law proceedings
  • Breach of trust matters
  • Insolvency litigation
  • Shareholder, joint venture and partnerships proceedings
  • Intellectual property cases
  • Negligence and defamation proceedings
  • Property development and lease conflicts
  • Employee and unfair dismissal claims
  • Corporate and directors duty litigation
  • Traffic Offences including drink driving charges
  • Debt Collections and successful Personal Injury Claims

AMK Law is recognised for the highest levels of service by winning the toughest of litigation matters. You can now take the next step and get your free half hour consultation or you can email via the address on the contact page of this website for your legal advice.