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Indigenous Lawyer

Recent News June 6, 2018

Legal Professional Reconciliation Network: Raising Awareness on Experiences as an Indigenous Lawyer

We last mentioned our Principal Solicitor’s attendance to ‘Koori Twilight: The Aboriginal Lawyers’ panel’ and were privileged to be part of that panel. Today, our Principal Solicitor was also invited to attend a Corporate Forum Meeting, hosted at Gilbert + Tobin Lawyers, as a Guest Speaker. Here, Matthew expressed his experiences as an Indigenous Lawyer. […]

Commencing Legal Proceedings

Dispute Resolution May 30, 2018

Four Tips to Consider Before Commencing Legal Proceedings

Before commencing legal proceedings, you should always consider why you are litigating in the first place, and whether that is the right choice. However, before we address that issue, we explore what exactly is litigation in the Australian context. Some Australian legal academia consider civil procedure as ‘the process of resolving disputes between individual parties […]

Intellectual Property May 8, 2018

The importance of Trademark registration for your Business and your Brand

Trademark registration in Australia, it’s best to check first; What’s in a name? What’s your name? What’s this item called? Which shop did you get that from? All these questions have one thing in common, the answer to them identifies an object, rendering it meaningful to the questioner. One reason why trade mark protection exists […]

Facebook news

Media & Technology April 20, 2018

Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal, Privacy Laws and Policy: Looking Beyond

Facebook news: With current estimates of more than 87 million users affected, this is an important reminder of the emerging legal and social challenges facing governments, businesses and corporations when handling personal and sensitive information in today’s global knowledge economy.[1] Internet is now a resource that is almost freely available. As Dr Hamadoun Toure, former head […]

Commercial Real Estate April 12, 2018

The CB Cold Storage Decision and how it affects Victorian Retail Leases

Some may consider 15 December 2017 to be an auspicious day for commercial tenants throughout Victoria and an unlucky day for landlords. It was the day, special leave to appeal relating to the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal’s decision in IMCC Group Australia Pty Ltd v CB Cold Storage Pty Ltd [2017] VSCA 178 was […]

Media & Technology April 3, 2018

Elements of Defamation: when is Defamation, Defamation?

If you ever wondered what defamation law is, the elements of defamation is not a recent legal invention. In fact, defamation began as early as eleventh century – back in time when Knights and Princes rode in horses with shining armour. Do you know what the old courts said back then about defamation? They said, […]

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property March 16, 2018

Protecting your intellectual property and why it is important for your business

Intellectual property: what is it and do I need it? Look out For any start-up business, protecting intellectual property is vitally important for growing and expanding your business in a competitive market place. Intellectual property is important because compared to other competitors it can distinguish the goods and services that your business provides. Without intellectual […]

Commercial March 5, 2018

What is an intention to create legal relations? Exploring: Stellard Pty Ltd & Anor v North Queensland Pty Ltd [2015] QSC 119

An intention is particularly important when negotiating a particular contract, engaging contractors or if merely making enquires about a particular project. In today’s modern environment, with email and electronic communication so prevalent, a vast amount of evidence can mount against any business within the drilling industry, meaning businesses need to understand the intention required before […]

News Release March 2, 2018

AMK Law expands with new office opening in Chadstone Shopping Centre

Chadstone Shopping Centre AMK Law is delighted to announce its expansion into one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious retail centres. Situated in Malvern East, Victoria, a shopping giant like Chadstone is not your typical location for a law office. That’s exactly why we chose it. Never shying away from innovation, we want to break […]

Construction February 23, 2018

Indigenous Procurement Policy Targets and Construction Industry Contracts

Introduction Many companies are now joining the movement of reconciling with the Indigenous society of Australia. The Australian government introduced the Indigenous Procurement Policy (“IPP”) on 1 July 2015 to take advantage of the large budget the Commonwealth is given yearly to propel the development of the Indigenous business industry. The IPP mandates a procurement […]